what is yellow fever ? what causes yellow fever ?

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Yellow fever is a viral disease characterized by a high fever, severe headache, chills, and fatigue. It is caused by the yellow fever virus, which is spread through the air or through contact with blood or body fluids (such as saliva) from an infected person. Symptoms usually develop two to seven days after being exposed to the virus.

Yellow fever can be fatal in up to 25% of cases, and it is considered a serious global health threat. So what causes this dangerous virus? And how can you protect yourself from it?

In this article, we will discuss what yellow fever is, what causes it, and some tips for preventing its spread.

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is caused by the yellow fever virus. This virus is found in Africa, the Americas, and Asia. There are three types of yellow fever: haemorrhagic, paralytic, and psychotic. Symptoms of yellow fever include fever, muscle pain, headache, chills, and a rash. The virus can be fatal if not treated quickly.

How Yellow Fever is contracted?

What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a tropical disease caused by the yellow fever virus. It is spread through the air, and can be fatal to people of all ages. Yellow fever is most common in Africa, South America, and parts of Asia. What causes yellow fever? The Yellow Fever Virus is spread through the air, primarily through close contact with an infected person or animal. It can also be spread through contaminated water or food. How can you prevent getting yellow fever? You can protect yourself from contracting yellow fever by avoiding close contact with people who are sick with the virus, and by using insect repellent and mosquito prevention strategies.

What are the symptoms of yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is caused by the yellow fever virus. Symptoms of yellow fever can include fever, headache, neck stiffness, chills, muscle aches and fatigue. In severe cases, yellow fever can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, rash and bleeding. Yellow fever is most commonly spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. The disease is most commonly seen in tropical areas of Africa and South America.

How is yellow fever treated?

Yellow fever is a viral infection that is spread through the air. Symptoms of yellow fever include fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, and a rash. Treatment for yellow fever includes taking medication to lower your body temperature and providing relief from the symptoms. If you are infected with yellow fever, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible.

Are there any preventive measures against yellow fever?

There are no specific preventive measures against yellow fever, but there are some general tips that can help avoid getting the disease. Make sure to get vaccinated against the yellow fever virus if you are traveling to areas where the disease is prevalent. If you do get sick with yellow fever, drink lots of fluids and rest as much as possible to help ease symptoms.


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