how do rhoback shirts fit ?


Rhoback shirts are a popular style of clothing and are often seen as trendy. However, how do they fit? And is there a right way to wear them? In this blog post, we will explore these questions and more.

What is Rhoback and What Does It Do?

Rhoback is a new type of shirt collar that helps keep your shirt in place. It's made from a synthetic material and fits like a normal shirt collar. The Rhoback collar is placed around the neckline of your shirt and then sewn in place. This creates a tighter fit around your neck andshould help keep your shirt in place during activities such as running or sweating.

Types of Rhoback Shirts

There are a few different types of rhoback shirts on the market. Rhobic shirts are made from a fabric that is air-dried and then heat-sealed to form a tight fit. These shirts are meant to provide an intense workout, and they often have mesh panels underneath the arms and along the back to allow for ventilation.

Twill shirts are another type of rhoback shirt. These shirts are made from woven fabric and often feature a patterned fabric on the front. Twill shirts can be more comfortable than rhobic shirts because they do not require as much heat sealing, which can lead to wear and tear over time.

Finally, raglan sleeves are a type of shirt that is popular with athletes because they allow for more range of motion when performing certain exercises. Raglan sleeves have an extra long point at the shoulder, which allows them to stretch when you lift your arm overhead or do other stretching movements.

How to fit a Rhoback Shirt

Fitting a Rhoback Shirt

The fit of a rhoback shirt is often described as being "tight but comfortable." To ensure that you get the best fit possible, follow these tips:

1. Measure your chest circumference. This will help determine the size you need to order.

2. Try on different sizes until you find one that fits well. Be sure to take into account any adjustments that need to be made (such as adjusting the length).

3. Machine wash and dry your rhoback shirt regularly to keep it in good condition.

Pros and Cons of Rhoback Shirts

Rhoback shirts are a type of clothing that are designed to fit snugly and provide support for the back, neck, and shoulders. They can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, and come in many different styles and colors.

Some people find rhoback shirts to be very comfortable, while others find them to be too tight. Additionally, rhoback shirts can make it difficult to move around freely due to their snug fit.


If you're wondering how rhoback shirts fit, our extensive guide has the answers you're looking for. We cover everything from the type of shirt to how to size it up or down, and whether a rhoback shirt is right for your needs. So if you need help finding a great fitting shirt, be sure to check out our guide!


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