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When you buy a pair of shoes, what do you expect them to feel like? If you’re like most people, you expect the shoes to fit well. But what if those expectations aren’t always met? Shoe companies use a lot of marketing gimmicks to make their shoes seem better than they are. For example, they may say a certain style is “true to size” when in reality, it may not fit well at all. In this blog post, we will explore how true linkswear shoes fit and how you can ensure that your shoes actually fit well. We will also discuss some tips for measuring your feet and finding the right size.

The Different Types of Shoes You Can Wear With True Linkswear

There are a few different types of shoes you can wear with True Linkswear, depending on your activity. Running shoes are the most common type, but there are also cycling and hiking shoes that work well with the brand.

True Linkswear shoes come in two sizes; wide and narrow. The width is based on your foot’s widest point, while the length is measured from the tip of your toes to the back of your heel. Some people find that True Linkswear shoes fit them perfectly right out of the box, but if you have wider feet or a high arch, you may need to size up.

To put True Linkswear shoes on, first make sure that your feet are dry and free from any oils or lotions. Next, slip each shoe onto one foot and pull it snugly against your skin. Make sure that the toe box is fitting snugly against your toes and that all of the seams along the sides of the shoe line up with each other. If there’s space at either end of the toe box, you can fold down a strip of fabric called an “edge band” to fill in that gap. Finally, cinch up each side seam by pulling it tight against your foot.

How to Measure for a True Linkswear Fit

So you've decided to go true linkswear and start wearing those stylish, high-tops that make your calves look so darn muscular. But now, what do you do? How do you know if the shoes fit?

Well, the good news is that there is no single answer to this question since everyone's feet are different shapes and sizes. However, there are some general tips that can help when it comes to finding a true linkswear fit.

First and foremost, it's important to remember that not all high-tops are created equal. While some brands may offer more traditional styles that are mostly tapered from the toes up, others may feature more flared or stretched out toes which will require a different type of fit.

Next, be sure to measure both your feet and your calves before making any purchases. This information can help you find the right size for the shoes as well as get an idea of how they will feel on your feet. You might also want to try on a few pairs at once in order to find the one that feels best.

And finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different types of fits until you find one that works best for you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to true linkswear shoes so don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you!

How to Put on True Linkswear Shoes

Step 1:

To fit true linkswear shoes, start by measuring your foot at its widest point. This is usually the middle of your feet.
Step 2:

Next, measure the length of your foot from the tip of your big toe to the end of your heel. Be sure to measure in inches, not centimeters!
Step 3:

On average, a pair of true linkswear shoes will fit someone with a foot length between 9 and 11 inches. However, if you have unusually wide or narrow feet, you may need to go up or down a size on the shoe depending on how it fits you in step one.

Tips for Living in True Linkswear Shoes

True Linkswear shoes are designed to fit snugly and provide excellent support. To ensure a perfect fit, follow these tips:

1. Measure your feet carefully before ordering. True Linkswear shoes are sized in Europe according to the foot's width and length. For American or other countries' sizes, simply use the conversion chart below to determine your size. If you have wide feet, order a half-size larger than your usual size.

2. Exact placement of the shoe on the foot is critical for optimal comfort and support: Place the middle of the toe cap against the ball of your foot, with the widest part of the heel resting on your arch. The tongue should be situated just behind your anklebone (see image).

3. Wear socks that fit properly; they will help keep feet warm and dry during cold weather wear, as well as reduce friction while walking or running.

4. Allow time for your feet to adjust to true Linkswear shoes; some people find it takes up to two weeks for their feet to feel completely at home in a new pair of shoes.


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